Forensic Science Day

Today, five of Year five children went to Camp Hill School for a forensic science day.

They started by looking at blood splatter, and how it can help to determine how somebody has been killed.

Next they looked at finger prints and how everybody has unique markings on their fingers, whether it be Delta patterns, Tented Arch patterns, Radial loop or Ulnar loop. The children had to lift prints off a cup and read the markings to decide which patterns were formed. Later we were able to take our own prints and each child made a print of their chosen finger and put it into a key ring.

Next came the foot print analysis, taking their prints and looking at what evidence they could gather from the shoe print. Also they looked at fibres found a the crime scene and used microscopes to see if they could determine which fabric came from the murderer.

Finally, we went to a crime scene where the children had to use the evidence to make up a senario of what they thought had happened. The quiz at the end of the day went well for King David with all getting above ten marks out fifteen.

An amazing day for the children who thoroughly enjoyed it, and a huge thanks to Camp Hill for hosting the day. 

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Israel Fair

On Thursday Year5 presented the Israel fair to the school. They were  busy preparing the items to be sold at the fair during lesson time. We sold the following items; mugs, vases, ceramic dishes, tea light holders, glasses, egg cups, badges, bracelets, wind mills, key rings, book marks, ceramic tiles, wooden hearts (fridge magnets), purses and rulers. 

They all worked exceptionally hard, teaching about the different aspects on Israel, a few were; virtual tour of Israel, Shalome Sesame, science experiment (the Dead Sea), Israeli dancing, Israeli games, food tasting  and  the souvenier shop. 

At the end of the day the children gave feedback on how their day went; all said it was a great day and enjoyed showing and explaining all about Israel. v That it was very tiring to teach all day.Loved sampling the food and decorating the souveniers to sell.

Here are a few photos of Year 5 just before the fair opened. Enjoy!!!!

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Queens birthday with Year 5

Today we decided to give the Queen a Year 5 birthday make-over! 

We first looked at the history of Pop Art, taking a look at the work of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and many more.

To create our art work we used a mix of Media, oil pastels, felt tips and crayons, as well as pens from home.

Pop Art is meant to be fun, witty, colourful and young - just like Year 5!  


Take a look at some of the fantastic art work Year 5 produced today.

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