RBSA visit to Year 5

On Thursday 14th July, the RBSA Gallery came to visit Year 5 and cover an art lesson on portraits. (Previously the RBSA had visited King David School and had done a presentation about their work to the whole school).  Annette the teacher covered Fauvism, which is a type of art which is very colourful, vibrant, bold and bright. They were looking at the artists Matisse and Derrain. They looked at face proportion, skin tones and mark making. Their work was drawn in chalk pastels. The class had a great day and I'm sure we have a few budding artists in Year 5. 

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Year 5 at Coventry Cathedral

On Monday 4th July, Year 5 visited Coventry Cathedral as part of their topic work, which they are learning about WWII - and particularly about the Blitz. They discovered that Coventry - amongst other towns and cities - was bombed heavily, which destroyed most of the cathedral.

After the war they rebuilt the cathedral, which now stands proud in the centre of Coventry. The class went into a 1940's classroom, kitchen and garden, where they saw an Anderson shelter, which every house had to have in case of air raids. There was also a street corner which showed the devastation after having a direct hit from the thousands of bombs dropped on Coventry.

When asked questions, the class were very knowledgable and gave very mature answers. We had an excellent day which ended with everyone drawing pictures from the artist Henry Moore.

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Thursdays' Craft Club

The children that come to Thursday's craft club have made a cushion using a method called batik.  The children had to find a design then copy it on the squared paper making the drawing three times bigger. Using tracing paper they traced their design, they turned the tracing paper over and traced again. They then placed this onto material and retraced their design yet again.  Next they used hot wax to go over their design for the last time. Once the wax had dried the children used fabric ink to colour their design.  The cushions were then ironed to remove the wax, stuffed and sewed.  


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