Year 5 trip

On Tuesday Year 5 visited the Thinktank in Birmingham. It was a fantastic day with lots to see and do. We were introduced to Chris who told us all about how to live in Space - apparently you do have to be careful not to get biscuit crumbs into the instrument panel! We also found out about how to use a space toilet safely (these things are very important) Jeremy and Jamal tried on a space suit and really looked the part. We were also able to wander around and look at the exhibits. Priya and her friends 'designed' aliens to suit certain planetary conditions and some of the other children directed a model Mars Rover around the surface of Mars. 

The children all had a great time and we will definately visit again.

Year 5 cooking

Today Year 5 had their turn at cooking. As Rosh Hashanah is approaching we kept with the theme of apples and decided to cook apple crumble. The class split into three groups of ten children. They used the following ingredients: apples, cinnamon, oats, sugar, margarine and flour. 

First they washed their hands and peeled the apples. Secondly they cut up the apples into small pieces. Next they put the flour and margarine into a bowl and rubbed together to make the crumble. After that they added the sugar. Meanwhile some children put the apples into a dish and sprinkled with cinnamon. Finally they added the crumble mix to the apples and placed into the oven for 20 minutes.

Year 5 couldn't wait to taste and when they did, most had seconds. A lot said they can't wait to cook it at home.  

IMG 1146 IMG 1147 IMG 1148

IMG 1149 IMG 1150 IMG 1152

IMG 1154 IMG 1155 IMG 1156 IMG 1157



On Monday 26th September twelve children from Year 5 went to the Billesley Tennis Centre for their Playleader trainning.

They learnt how to play and deliver games to the children of King David at break times. It is a real skill to be able to explain and organise children, especially the younger ones. 

The Playleaders will be in groups of three and will have a specific day to playlead. Each group will have one session a week but are welcome to lead on other days if they choose to. 

They all showed great potential and we look forward to having yet another great team of leaders.