As you know, the end of year concert is almost here, this means costume planning for all year groups. 

Year 5 are singing and dancing so will require costumes. To keep it simple, I have asked the children to consider coming as an indian animal, a jungle plant or a jungle bird. They will need trousers/skirts and tops, as well as a mask, showing what they have chosen to be. For those with time and a creative interest, I suggested making their masks to show off their artistic skills (or parental artistic skills) If time is short, please feel free to look around to see what might be available to buy or borrow. Please be aware that children will be sitting, singing and dancing, so will need to be able to move freely in their costumes. As well as movement, temperature might be a concern too, so the cooler the better. Children are welcome to bring costumes in from next week. Whole school dress rehearsal is Friday 30th June. Many thanks for your support.

I have been very impressed with the behaviour of most of the Year 5 children during the recent heatwave. Our classroom has been very hot but the children have continued to work hard and have not moaned, argued or complained. It must have been particularly difficult for those children who have been fasting. Well done Year 5.