Year 5 V.E. Day party

Thursday 7th December Year 5 celebrated the end of their topic. War has now ended !! We spent the morning cooking cookies using our knowledge of rationing. We also used our knowledge of measurement to create our very own gas mask boxes. Our challenge was to keep them safe and wear them all day. Next it was party time. We set up the hall with board games, cards and children's work.  Finally our wonderful parents came to see all the hard work we have completed. Year 5 have really enjoyed this topic and have produced some excellent work.

Miss Hall & Mrs Suhai

Parachute Fun

Year 5 have had a busy afternoon making parachutes.  Yes - Parachutes!  We have been learning abour air resistance for our Science Topic and finding out lots of facts about forces and friction.  The parachutes we are making also links in with our History topic on WW2 - parachutes were used by our forces during the D-Day landings.

Join us here again on V.E Day to see our finished parachutes.  Will we all fly high....?

Year Five News

On Friday 18.11.17  we made Pudsey bear headbands ready to celebrate ‘Children in Need’; the children had a fantastic time getting creative using the paints! In maths we have been looking at division and answered some division problems in a real life context. We have also continued to look at play scripts in English and have been picking out the features of a play script. 


Last week Year 5 were acting out scenes ( linked to the playscripts ) from visual literacy. They then added speech to their writing which is linked with their WWII topic,which they have been putting together powerpiont presentations. Finally in maths we have been problem solving and using and applying their fractions knowledge.