Day Two Year 6

Day two began with snow, but that didn't dampen the children's spirits. After a cooked breakfast, the children had a short kayaking lesson in the dining room. We were asked to wrap up very warm and were all kitted out with waterproof jackets and trousers. They battled against the sleet, snow and heavy winds getting up to the lake for a morning Kayaying.  Despite the weather conditions, the children loved being on the water.

Mrs Poole and Mrs Bennett are so proud of all of year six today. Each and every child has achieved a personal accomplishment over the past two days. They have all worked beautifully as a team helping each other overcome their fears and adversions, despite the severe weather conditions.



Year 5 Tussling Tuesday

After a hearty breakfast we headed out to the climbing area. Snow and sleet started our day,  giving way to heavy rain and gusty winds. Some children excelled with certain climbing frames and some overcame their fears of heights and managed to conquer the highest climbing pole. Unfortunately our afternoon of kayaking was cut short due to a visit from Storm Ewan !!!!  Not many photos for us today. Hot chocolate and warm showers were the safe option.

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To finish the evening off, Year 5 went into the artificial caving section. This time though they went through the tunnels in complete darkness in readiness for our exciting day offsite tomorrow for both classes, where we will be abseiling and caving. Can't wait!!!!


Year 5 Monday

Wow!!!! What an amazing start to our adventure! We arrived in the snow and it continued throughout the afternoon into the evening. We started by having our lunch and sorting out the dormitories. Off outside to the achery. Some amazing archers in year 5. Changing over after 2 hours to the artificial caving. Have a look at the photos and enjoy.


100 4246   100 4248  100 4250  100 4251  100 4252


100 4254  100 4255  100 4258  100 4263  100 4257  100 4259

100 4260  100 4261  100 4265

100 4271  100 4272  100 4274

100 4275  100 4278  100 4279

100 4281  100 4282   100 4283

100 4284  100 4285  100 4287

100 4292 

To finish the day, both Year 5 and Year 6 went on an evening hike in the snow. Through worsening weather we trudged across the Welsh hills. The children were amazing, jumping over the streams and pot holes (up to their waists if they fell in). The walk took us over stiles and through deserted farms. We arrived back for 10 o'clock, very weary and tired, but an exhilarating walk was had by all and a few full wellingtons.