A few popular phrases of the week

“I AM NOT A CHILD”, (Sorry!! Mrs Poole)

“It’s ok, ladies, it’s only midnight - We’ve got until the last one's asleep (3.30am) to finish this blog!!!!"

“Do we have to?"

Little Miss why, "No more questions, you’ve had your quota."


"Get to bed!!!!"


Teacher- “Lights out!!!!" Child- ”But it’s dark!!"

“Can I use your shower? Don’t like the look of ours.”

“I need the toilet!!”

“Can we have thirds?”

“Ooops!! I’ve got wind.” ( in confined spaces)

“I love you, Miss!!”

“I really like Red Ridge!! If my mom could see me now, she wouldn’t let me do this!”

“Use your feet, not your knees!!"

“I can’t find it.”

AM-“ can I have a shower?”   NOON- “ Can I have a shower?”   PM- “Can I have a shower?"   Before bed- “Can I have a shower?” ( we have the cleanest kids at King David)

“I feel sick.”

“What do we need a stamp for?”

"Torches weren’t on the list."

3am- (Child)  “Mrs Poole, can I sleep on the floor?”

“That’s crackin" (Rob-instructor)

“Awesome!!!!” (Mrs Perry)

“I am not your mom!!, but what can I do for you?”( all staff)

“We've been walking for hours!" - night walk, 5mins into walk.

Wednesday 1st March 2017

Thankfully, today, the sun has been shining. After breakfast, we headed out of the valley and towards Welshpool. On the coach, Mrs Poole was in charge of the singing. 'Wheels on the bus' was the song of the moment. You can take the Early Years teacher out of the classroom but she will always be an Early Years teacher. 


After our beautiful singing we arrived at our location near Pool Quay. Half of the group went Caving and half of the group went rock climbing and abseiling.

Group 1: After spotting a Royal Mail van and singing 'Postman Pat' and 'We're going on a Cave hunt' whilst crossing the golf course, we hit the cave!!! All the children went into the cave and explored the passages.  


Group 2: Whilst one group was exploring the caves, finding new wildlife (including a sleeping bat), the other group was climbing and abseiling real rock faces.  


Real achievements have been made by all our children. They have encouraged each other and challenged themselves (and the teachers). The staff at Red Ridge are very impressed with our children's new found ability to adapt, listen and follow instructions. The children are now warm due to the staff members' wardrobe. 


100 4310  100 4311  100 4317

100 4314 IMG 6574 IMG 6575

IMG 6576 IMG 6577 IMG 6578

IMG 6606 IMG 6609 IMG 6615

IMG 6616 IMG 6618 IMG 6619



  IMG 6551 

IMG 6556 IMG 6557 IMG 6558 

IMG 6560 IMG 6561 IMG 6565

IMG 6567 IMG 6570 


 IMG 6550Mrs Poole's hairdresser. IMG 6621


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IMG 0043 3  IMG 0047 3  IMG 0048 3 IMG 0061  IMG 0042 3    IMG 0062 3 

IMG 0063 3  IMG 0064 3

Day Two Year 6

Day two began with snow, but that didn't dampen the children's spirits. After a cooked breakfast, the children had a short kayaking lesson in the dining room. We were asked to wrap up very warm and were all kitted out with waterproof jackets and trousers. They battled against the sleet, snow and heavy winds getting up to the lake for a morning Kayaying.  Despite the weather conditions, the children loved being on the water.

Mrs Poole and Mrs Bennett are so proud of all of year six today. Each and every child has achieved a personal accomplishment over the past two days. They have all worked beautifully as a team helping each other overcome their fears and aversions, despite the weather conditions.


IMG 6513   IMG 6516

IMG 6518  IMG 6519

IMG 6519   IMG 6521

IMG 6522  IMG 6523

IMG 6533  IMG 6524

IMG 6525 IMG 6527

IMG 6528 IMG 6529


IMG 6539  IMG 6540

IMG 6541 IMG 6542

IMG 6545  IMG 6546 450 x 600

IMG 6544  IMG 6547 990 x 1320


IMG 6548 450 x 600   IMG 6549 990 x 1320