Fun Fun Fun!

Dear Parents,

we arrived safely - all limbs in tact.  Kids have been fed well and settled in to the dormitories. 

We have already been split in to two groups (Year 5 and 6) and carried out our first set of activities.  Year 6 had an opportunity to try their hand at archery and artificial caving before venturing on to the real thing in days to come.  Below are some pictures showing you the fun we had.  We must admit, artificial caving was pretty challenging especially in complete darkness.  Our children were up for the challenge and responded very bravely!

Lunch once we arrived!

IMG 5178  IMG 5179

IMG 5180  IMG 5181

IMG 5182  IMG 5183

IMG 5184

Year 6 Archery and artificial caving!

IMG 5185  IMG 5188

IMG 5193  IMG 5194

IMG 5197  IMG 5198

IMG 5199  IMG 5200

IMG 5201  IMG 5204

IMG 5207IMG 5209



Red Ridge here we come!

Dear Parents,

we are on our journey to Red Ridge - everything is going smoothly so far, not too much traffic and no sick kids (touch-wood)!  There were a few tears.............that was just the teachers.  Children are being very brave. 

Beautiful sunshine - we just need it to last the whole week.

We will keep you posted so don't forget to check the Red Ridge blog.

Take care!!!!!!!