Photos of our big day

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Day 2 of our big adventure

Another full day for the year 6 children- our tasks today were: the climbing wall, abseiling, zip wire, pole and the log tower.  I was surprised to see how many children just took it in their stride climbing up the wall and pole - they were just like miniature spidermen, no hesitation... not like Mrs Bennett.

As you can see from the photos the children climb to a great height.  Mrs Nazir and I were so proud of how many children conquered their fears and they did all this despite the sleet, rain and high winds. Well done!!!



day two of our adventure

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Tuesday was an amazing day for year 5. They went to an abandoned copper mine first to do some caving. Although very scary and claustrophobic at times , all the children joined in and managed to complete the tunnel course, on our stomachs at times. In the afternoon they split into two groups, one group started with abseiling and the other rock climbing. Again they all participated and completed two goes on each activitiy. Have a look at the pictures and see how amazing your children are!!!!        


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We are having trouble with internet at the moment so more pictures will follow later. Activities awaiting.