Welcome home!

It's great to have you back, Y5 and Y6. We can't wait to hear all about it.

Day 3

A report from Mrs Bennett...

Today has been a fantastic day. We went on a 40 minute coach journey into the Welsh mountains. We split into two groups - Mrs Nazir took half and I took the other half. My group had to carry three rucksacks and ropes up into the mountains - it was about a 3 mile trek, all up-hill. The kids struggled with carrying the equipment, but once we arrived the view was well worth it.

Our first task was to climb up the mountain side. I can say I was shaking in my boots, but not my group, they fled up and the ones that hesitated Rob (one of the leaders) came down to encourage them up and they did it, standing at the top with big smiles. The rest of the group gave them a well-deserved round of applause.

If that wasn't bad enough, they then made us lie on our stomach and slide off the top of the mountain and abseil down. I can tell you, myself and the children loved it. In fact, it was a race to see who could get to have a second go and I am ashamed to admit it but I pulled rank!

Afternoon was spent sliding through mud on our bottoms. We crawled through dark damp caves and slid through very tight spaces, the kids were fantastic. If you had asked our children if they were capable of doing any of these tasks last week they would have said no. We are very proud of our class for overcoming  their fears - I only wish they could master their shoelaces!

Red Ridge, day 3

Wednesday started off with a beautiful sunny day for Year Five's activities. Straight after breakfast they were off to get togged up for kayaking. The lake is a man made lake and you can see the view that we had of  the surrounding countryside. We all set off in twin canoes and practised our manoeuvring, so we didn't run into each other and capsize. They then went into single kayaks. They had soooo much fun, racing each other to collect toys floating around the lake for points.

A hearty lunch was had by all before we then went to archery. They all managed to hit the target (unlike Mrs Suhai) and a competition was on between Rabbi Odze and Year 5. Our last session of the day was Artificial Caving. This was a man-made cave indoors. You couldn't stand up and once again we were on our stomachs crawling through dark tunnels, only this time we were dry and no mud. Hope you will enjoy our photos and we will put more onto the blog over the next few days, so please enjoy as much as we have. 


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