Day One Red Ridge

We arrived safe and sound about 12.30pm. The children all helped us to unload the coach and get ready for the adventure that was awaiting.

Year Six started off in the artificial caves. This comprised of an indoor, manmade caving system under the games room. The children had to crawl through tubes, up and over bars and around the obstacles in their way. They tried this with the lights on and soon they were more confident and the lights were turned off. 

Our next task was Archery, this was outside with a few snow showers thrown in. We had some really good archers in Year Six that earned extra house points by hitting the yellow inner target.

By 5.30pm, everyone was ready for a nice hot dinner. This evening's adventure entailed a lovely night hike until 10pm in the snow showers. We had a few moans and groans but the children loved it.

Tomorrow we are Kayaking and using the climbing frames which does include a zipwire which they are all excited about.

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Residential under way!

The coach arrived safely at the centre and all is well. Watch this space for pics and news!

Only one week to go!

The children are very excited to take part in the residential trip. Have a good rest during the half-term holiday, because it's going to be non-stop action on the trip next week!