A few popular phrases of the week

“I AM NOT A CHILD”, (Sorry!! Mrs Poole)

“It’s ok, ladies, it’s only midnight - We’ve got until the last one's asleep (3.30am) to finish this blog!!!!"

“Do we have to?"

Little Miss why, "No more questions, you’ve had your quota."


"Get to bed!!!!"


Teacher- “Lights out!!!!" Child- ”But it’s dark!!"

“Can I use your shower? Don’t like the look of ours.”

“I need the toilet!!”

“Can we have thirds?”

“Ooops!! I’ve got wind.” ( in confined spaces)

“I love you, Miss!!”

“I really like Red Ridge!! If my mom could see me now, she wouldn’t let me do this!”

“Use your feet, not your knees!!"

“I can’t find it.”

AM-“ can I have a shower?”   NOON- “ Can I have a shower?”   PM- “Can I have a shower?"   Before bed- “Can I have a shower?” ( we have the cleanest kids at King David)

“I feel sick.”

“What do we need a stamp for?”

"Torches weren’t on the list."

3am- (Child)  “Mrs Poole, can I sleep on the floor?”

“That’s crackin" (Rob-instructor)

“Awesome!!!!” (Mrs Perry)

“I am not your mom!!, but what can I do for you?”( all staff)

“We've been walking for hours!" - night walk, 5mins into walk.