Wednesday 15th March 2017

We enjoyed learning about volcanoes and recreating our own in the classroom. Please ask your children about volcanoes.

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The ice mountain was fantastic. A lot of the children could predict what would happen to the ice. 'Ice is frozen water, it will melt back into water.' Please talk to your children about what ice is made from, what happens to ice when it melts/gets warm and to extend them further talk about what would happen to the water if you continued to heat it up.

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We loved playing with slime! (Sorry about their shoes and clothes :/)

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The children enjoyed playing with the space playdough. They made volcanoes out of the playdough. 

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We made snow on the hottest day of the year so far!

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 We exlooked at magnetic and non magnetic items using the magnets.

IMG 2270

We played with the ice blocks to create enclosures.

IMG 1311    IMG 1322


National Science Week

To celebrate National Science Week we are having a science day tomorrow, Wednesday 15th March. Reception will be learning about volcanoes, melting ice mountains, making colour spinners, observing colour changing flowers and celery and this week they will be planting their own cress and  watching it grow. We cannot wait for them to explore all the fun activities in the morning. 

Mrs Poole and Mrs Davis

Purim 2017

We love Purim fun. We were so proud of the class during their performance this morning.  The children all got into the spirit of the Wild West with their costume choices. 

 IMG 1212  IMG 1213 IMG 1214 

Mrs Poole, Mrs Davis and Mrs Ahmad enjoyed dressing up for the occasion of Purim.

  IMG 1210  IMG 2222  IMG 2224  IMG 2225  IMG 2231      IMG 2252   IMG 2251  Mauj  Aizah   boys jumping   girls on rocker   Haider. MRs poole and Inaayah   Jess