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This week we have been learning about shapes during our Maths lessons.  We have been looking at the properties of 2D shapes and trying to find shapes in the environment.

A very special visitor

 We were thrilled today to welcome Mat from Highgate Fire Station. 

He is a firefighter and even drives the fire engine. 

He told us all about his job and showed us his special protective clothing. 


dressed up mat


The children listened beautifully and asked excellent questions. 

We are very proud of them and look forward to welcoming more visitors in the future.  

cover shot

The children were able to try on his uniform.



















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We learnt how to call the fire service and how to stay safe from objects such as matches and fireworks.  



Mat also told us how the firebrigade can install fire alarms in people's homes and reminded us to check our fire alarms regularly.

Name Writing and Counting - our Targets

Reception have been working hard. Every morning they come in, they find their whiteboard with their name on it and they practise writing their name.

We are also working hard on our phonics and so far we have matched the letters m, a, s, t, d, to their sound.

We have also practised forming these letters and today blended some to make the words, mat, sat and dad. We practised writing these, too, on our whiteboards.

You could try this at home - they don't have to be perfect. Remember to guide your child's hand to hold their pencil correctly and to form the letter shapes if they are struggling. Use praise, praise and more praise.

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We have also been matching numerals to arrays. You can try this at home with two dice, one with spots and one with numbers - roll and match the numbers (numerals) to the correct number of spots. You can also use:


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Have a great weekend. 


Mrs Owen


PS - remember it's a short week next week and you need to pick your child up at 2.15pm on Wednesday.