Habitat homework

Thursday 22nd June

I am very impressed by the effort and enthusiasm shown to the homework over the last couple of weeks. It is clear to us all that we have a very creative and imaginative class this year. Thank you to all the parents, relatives and siblings that have helped to complete this high standard of homework. It is always appreciated.

Next week, I will be asking for your help once again. The homework task this week will be to design a new bathroom for the Reception Class. We need to design 3 cubicles and 2 sink areas for the new class to use in September. I would like to use the ideas created by the class as a basis for the designs to send to the builders. I hope your children can help me to achieve my aim. 


Thank you again for your continued support,


Mrs Poole  

Hatton country world


Hatton Country World - Thursday 15th June 2016

10.05am We arrived at Hatton country world. Reception enjoyed the coach journey, spotting the wildlife on the way. pheasants, cows, sheep, lambs, a horse and a 'zebra' (a horse with a zebra striped coat on). 

We loved Hatton Country World. The children fed the animals, had a trip on the tractor, enjoyed a sheep race, had fun in the soft play area and handled some guinea pigs. It was exhausting and many children had a nap on the way back.

IMG 2071  IMG 2072   IMG 2073   IMG 2074


IMG 2075    IMG 2076   IMG 2077   


IMG 2078   IMG 2079   IMG 2080

Mrs Poole

Our Class Assembly

The children look adorable in their costumes. Here is a sneak preview, I will upload more later.


IMG 1414  IMG 1415  IMG 1416  IMG 1417


IMG 1419  IMG 1420  IMG 1421   IMG 1422


IMG 1423  IMG 1424  IMG 1426  IMG 1427