Refugee Collection


Dear Parents,

King David School has always pride itself on being a charitable institution: taking care and being considerate to those who are far less fortunate then we are.  In light of recent news events, we are increasingly aware that the plight of refugees is increasing and unfortunately worsening.  It is time for us as a community to rise up to the new and very sad situation of these displaced people and do what we can to help them.

Refugees are not a new occurrence, although we are increasingly aware due to mass media, of their existence. We all may know of a person or a child in our neighbourhood who is need of help and we would respond – well this is the same but on a phenomenal scale.  So, this is what King David would like to do:

  1. We would like to make winter easier – it is getting very cold and wet.  How would we feel sleeping in a makeshift tent at this time of year, let alone anytime of the year?
  2. We would like to collect ‘items’ that will see these refugees through the next few arduous months at least.
  3. We would like to make this an ongoing focus for our school and do as much we can to help.

We are currently in touch with the following charity: France and Beyond Refugee Aid (please do take a look at their website).  This is a reputable charity – their aim is to collect practical, much-needed everyday items that families and individuals require (think about your daily needs)!

Our first collection to take over to the refugees in France will be at the end of January.   Overleaf is a list of items we are asking for you as a family to donate (they have been arranged per year group).  We request kindly that these items be intact and therefore usable.  New items of course will be very welcome.

Nursery/Reception/Year 1

Children’s toys including:

Cricket bats and balls/ footballs/skittles/skipping ropes

Colouring books and pencils

Complete board games

Pens/ colouring pencils/ sharpeners, rulers

Year 2

Wet wipes


First-Aid kits

Toilet rolls

Kitchen rolls

Tinned food (beans, sweetcorn, potatoes, pees, Tuna etc please no meat)

Year 3

Jumpers of all sizes

Socks (new or next to new)

Woolly hats/scarves/gloves

Clean T-shirts

Year 4

Towels of all sizes


Sacks of rice

Year 5

Cleaning products






Year 6

Cooking utensils (cutlery, bowls)

Cups/mugs (unchipped)

Black bags


Bottles of water

The staff members will also be doing a collection.  These will be larger items that you may also wish to donate:

Blankets and pillows (washed)


Sleeping bags

Pillows (washed)

Foldable chairs and tables

Large mats

Musical instruments

We look forward to a fantastic response because we know how lucky we truly are.  We need to share in the grief of those less fortunate.

Thank you most sincerely,

Year 6 School Council.