Year 4 LK Hebrew Reading Homewrok

Group Shabbat    Download PDF File Here  Group Torah - Make sure you use a timer! Also, make sure you read the word as a whole as we practiced in class   Download PDF File Here
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Year 2 LK Hebrew Reading Homework

 Limudei Kodesh (LK) group homework   Download PDF File Here
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Year 1 LK Hebrew Reading

 Group Alef   Download PDF File Here Group Bet   Download PDF File Here Group Gimmel   Download PDF File Here   Download PDF File Here
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New topic!

Shalom Yeladeem,I hope you are keeping safe and well.Our new topic is ... My school!In this unit, you will be learning days of the week, school subjects. By the end of this topic, you will be able to give basic information about what you learn at school using a new verb and express your likes and dislikes. Task -.Think abou...
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Mrs Halter's Hebrew Reading

 Hi Year 3,Here is your Hebrew reading homework for group Lavan page 37 ( Week Beginning 12.10.20). Week Beginning 19.10.20 page 39Here is your Hebrew reading homework for group Kahol . ( Week Beginning 12.10.20 for page 13, Week Beginning 19.10.20 for page 14). Don't forget to get an adult to sign your planner.Mrs Halter   Down...
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Year 2 Hebrew Reading Homework

 Well done to all the children who have done their Hebrew reading homework and have had their planners signed. Please ask the person who looks after you to specify in the planner under 'other' that the signature is for the Hebrew reading homework. They are welcome to add a feedback to the planner.Teachers can tell when a child has done their h...
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Nursery homework

Dear Nursery, We have had another wonderful week of making memories. Over the next week, please keep playing Numbots using your unique logins, these can be found in the front of your home learing books. This week our numbots star is Jaci. She has achieved the highest number of points, well done Jaci. The link to the website is h...
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Year 2 Homework Tasks...

Hello Year 2,We have had such a FUN week learning in the computer suite. Next week, it's our turn in the Kosher Kitchen. You will be working alongside Mrs Halter to make BUREKAS! Some of your homework tasks this week will link to cooking. WritingWrite a leaflet all about keeping safe whilst cooking. Remember to include pictures and 'Top Tips'.Steps...
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Homework for Year 4...

Good afternoon everyone,I hope you have had a good week, it has been lovely receiving emails from so many of you. This blog will give you your normal homework which you need to complete by next Friday.Have a peaceful weekend, Mrs HindTerrible Tudors and Rotten RomansArithmeticPlease log into Time Tables Rock Stars and spend some time practisin...
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Year 1 Homework

Good Afternoon,I hope you are well. I am pleased to report that we have had a great week in year 1. The children are continuing to follow the class rules sensibly and subsequently, they have produced some wonderful work. In science we have been learning about animals and their diets. We talked about how each type of animal had teeth that ...
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Weekly Highlights and Homework 9.10.20 

 Mrs Webley's Weekly HighlightsWhat an amazing week we have had! In English, the children have been drafting their very own letters, trying to encourage the young men of Britain to join the war and fight for their country. I must say, they are very convincing. I can not wait to read the edited versions of your persuasive letters next week...
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Homework - 09.10.2020

Good afternoon Year Six,Here is this week's homework. As it is Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah this weekend, I have provided a lighter load than normal to allow you time to enjoy this special time of year.SpellingsI have attached the handwriting sheet we complete in the classroom. For each word, you need to copy the word in your neatest curs...
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Homework - Year 3

This week we have all been thinking about our mental health and well-being so I thought it would be a nice idea to continue that idea for one of our homework tasks. We all know that smiling at friends and family and helping others makes us feel good too, so I would like you to keep that in mind this week. Think about t...
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Mrs Halter Hebrew Reading Homework

​Hello Year 5, This week for your Hebrew Reading I would like you to revise your reading from last week. Remember to ask a adult to sign your planner and leave a comment.Mrs Halter
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