Lag B’Omer

​Hi kids, hope you and your family are keeping well. I hope you managed to mark off the days on your "counting the Omer chart”. On Tuesday 12th May (18 Iyar), we will be celebrating Lag B’Omer, which is the 33rd day of counting the Omer. Some people enjoy celebrating the day by going on an outing, having picnics, barbecues and even bonfir...
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The Story of The Portion of The Week

  Download PDF File Here
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The Festival That Reminds Us There Is Always a Second Chance!

Does Judaism Give Second Chances? - Pesach Sheni - Video Here is a powerful message about getting a second chance. Always remember, if something goes wrong the first time, try and try again!
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Children Learn about the Power of YET

Learning about the Power of Yet - YouTube Enter some description here... Dear Children, I hope your week is going really well and that you are making the most of spending the time at home.Here is a new concept for you to learn. It is called the power of YET. I have made a short video introduction exp...
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Topic ideas for year 4

Good afternoon Year 4, As I said in my blog on Monday, I will be giving you some work to do relating to our topic today. If we were at school, our topic would have changed to 'Canals' by now. So I would like you to focus on this topic going forward. ​History and computing:I would like you to do some research about canals and what they wer...
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Topic Tasks…

Hello Year 2,Your Topic tasks this week…History/DTCreate a Tudor house model. Be adventurous and use a range of materials. Have you remembered to include timber beams?Science/GeographyLondon bridge is vital for many commuters. Can you create a strong, sturdy bridge? What material will you use? Why? What can your bridge hold?ComputingWatch the short...
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Answers and Additional Work 6.5.20 

​Hi Y5, I hope that you are having a good week so far.  As promised, here are the answers to the Maths and Reading Comprehension. Your 'Additional Work' each week will link to our Ancient Greek topic, this week it includes: History, Computing and Art.  Maths Answers:   Download PDF File Here   ...
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Week Three - Topic Ideas

Good morning Year Six,This is my second blog for the week so I will be focusing on topic ideas. What have you discovered so far about the Mayans? Did you work out the Mayan number system last week? Have you designed your chocolate bar? I set these tasks in the last two weeks so look back at the Year Six blogs if you have missed these acti...
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Draw like an Egyptian

Good morning Year 3. Today I have included some work on Ancient Egyptians and on our Science topic of light. The Egyptians used mummification as a way of preserving the bodies of important people. This was a process that was a bit gruesome - WARNING - DO NOT TRY MAKING A REAL MUMMY! Also, NEVER stick any object up your nose - it is v...
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Wednesday 6th May - Fine motor skills

Good morning Nursery,Please try two different fine motor activities this week. It is important for your child to develop their fine motor skills in order to hold a pencil correctly, using the tripod grip. My own son is learning to move from the palmer grip to the tripod grip. It is a developmental stage of learning to mark make and involves good fi...
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Wednesday Post

Good Morning, We hope you are all well and have enjoyed the activities this week. I wanted to share a lovely idea - where one of our pupils has been keeping her work and pictures in a book. We are sure this is going to be a lovely memory to look back at in future as well as keeping all the work together. Here I will add some addition...
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The Power of Learning from Challenges

 Dear Parents, It has been a pleasure to be in contact with you and your children over the phone. You inspire me with your resilience and perseverance. I once read that 'determination' is the positive side of stubbornness. Though it might feel challenging to raise determined children, it is a credit to you that your children are deve...
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Year 1 Blog 2

Blog 2 Welcome to the Year 1 Blog. It's Mrs Owen blogging in place of Mrs Mann. I hope you have enjoyed getting back into some of a school work routine and have completed all of the Blog 1 tasks set on Monday.If you haven't managed to yet, go back and have another look. Set up a timetable like the ones we have in school and stick to it.Blog 2 will ...
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My Superhero 

​I wanted to share with you my grand-daughter’s Malkas work. She wrote about “  My Super Hero “. He is her daddy, who is a doctor. So I thought it would be a good idea for you to write about who your “Super Hero” is and why ?
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Grammar school entrance exams

Registration for the optional entrance test for admission to the eight Grammar Schools in Birmingham in September 2021 is now open. The deadline for registering for the test is 4pm on Friday 26 June 2020.Parents can find more information about the test and can register their child for the test by visiting www.birminghamgrammarschools.orgChildren on...
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