Monday 11th May

 Dear Nursery, How was your weekend, I hope it was a good one. I've been playing with my children, enjoying the garden, walking my dog and diamond painting.Following Boris Johnson's speech last night, I know many of you will be wondering what the plan for returning to school is. The guidelines for reopening apply to Reception, Year One an...
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Tasks for Year 4...

Good morning Year 4, I hope you are all well and have been working well at home. I have included this week's work in the same format as last week, please do remember to email me if you need any help This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please take a moment to read our response relating to the most recent Covid-19 update. Following Boris John...
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Weekly Work 11.5.20 

Hi Y5,Following Boris Johnson's speech last night, I know many of you will be wondering what the plan for returning to school is. At present, the guidelines for reopening apply to Reception, Year One and Year Six however we are not sure on the logistics of this. We are discussing how this would work in our school and will let you know the plan...
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Weekly Reception Tasks - Food

Good Morning,This week we are looking at the topic of food. This is a really relevant topic right now for many reasons. At this time, we have a new appreciation of food. Lots of us have been donating food to local food banks while we think about those less fortunate than ourselves. Also, it links really nicely to our topic of 'It's our world',...
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The Prime Minister's announcement

This evening the Prime Minister gave us the first details of our route out of lockdown and the possible reopening of schools to more pupils. He told us that, if the rate of infection continues to fall, that the children of Reception, Year One and Year Six may be able to return to school next half-term, from 1st June. Parents will have many que...
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More Super School Planner Cover entries - which one would get your vote?

Get your creative hat on and send your design in to Mrs Owen. Scroll down for further instructions for parents as well as children's competition news.   Download PDF File Here   Download PDF File Here   Download PDF File Here   Download PDF File Here   Download PDF File Here
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The Super Power of YET!

Dear Children,  It is hard to believe that the week has gone by so fast!!!  I hope you made it a really good and worthwhile week! I want to share a new concept with you. This means it is a new idea for you to think about. It is called the power of YET. I have made a short video introduction explaining the concept to you.  T...
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Sharing our work

​Hello and thank you again to all those emailing us and sharing your good news and lovely pictures.  Bellow is another example of our talented and creative Reception children. I Just hope this rainmaker isn't too effective!   I've been in school this week with the pleasure of looking after the children of key workers.  We h...
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Weekly Highlights 8.5.20

 Hi Y5, Today is the 75th anniversary of VE Day; it marks the end of World War Two in Europe. We learned about this during our WW2 topic, there were large street parties and celebrations across the whole of Europe. Thinking back to December 2019,  we had our very own VE Day celebration and...
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Week Three - It's good to share!

Good morning Year Six,It was so good to catch up with those children and families I didn't manage to talk to last week. I have had some brilliant conversations with you all. I know there is a lot of uncertainty around the end of year; when we know what the government will allow us to do, we will let you know. Hopefully this Sunday's announceme...
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What a wonderful week...

Good morning Year 4, I hope you are all well and have been making the most of the wonderful weather we have experienced this week. I set some work for you to complete on both Monday and Wednesday, I hope that you were able to complete this and if not please do email me with any issues which you have. I have included the answers to the maths wo...
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Celebrations and Remembrance

Hi Year Three. I hope you have had a good week and are looking forward to the extended weekend. I will be sitting out in the afternoon, remembering all those people, both past and present, who have and still are helping to keep us safe. Did any of you see the Supermoon this week? It was the last one of the year I believe. My son-in-l...
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Let's Share!

Thank you to all the children who have shared their work with me. Well done everyone!You have all produced some FANTASTIC work! I've really enjoyed reading your setting description on the 'Great Fire of London'. You've used your senses to provide extra detail to your description. Alongside the set tasks, you have been having lots of fun in a range ...
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A celebration of all your hard work.

Dear Nursery, The children have been working very hard and have obviously enjoyed the activities with you. We are so proud of all the work you have been sending to us over the weeks. We are delighted to see photos of the children learning at home. Here are a selection of photos that have been sent over the past week. The children have been lea...
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Year 1 - Celebration of Weekly Achievements

Dear children and parents,I have been so impressed with the work you have been sending in from both blog 1 and blog 2.Take a look below at the separate files of work sent in by different children. Each child who sent in work has their own PDF file. We can't put your names on your work if you have sent in photos of your work but you know who you are...
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