Reception Learns the Letter Hey!!

Hello Happy people,Today in Reception we learned the letter Hey. Hey says 'H' as in Happy! in fact, Hey laught all the time... hhhhhh-hey!The video below explains that the hey has a half a leg and all his friends helped him be included in the game. Please watch it and review the hey's special song
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Black History Month

Imagine loving art but not being allowed to visit an art gallery because of the colour of your skin.  Then at the age of 80 having your first solo exhibition and later having your art work hanging in the White House.  This is the story of Alma Thomas.   Alma believed that creative art was "independent of age, race and nationalit...
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Year 3 LK Hebrew Reading Homework

Group Alef    Download PDF File Here Group Bet   Download PDF File Here   Download PDF File Here Group gimmel   Download PDF File Here Group Daled   Download PDF File Here Group Hey   Download PDF File Here
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Year 5 LK Hebrew Reading Homework

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Year 4 LK Hebrew Reading Homework

Group Shabbat:    Download PDF File Here Group Torah    Download PDF File Here
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Parent Forum meeting minutes - 9th October 2020

Meeting attended by Mrs Cohen and Jennifer Brooks as school representatives and also by the following PF reps: Nursery – Zahra Jabor Reception: Shamila and Ruqqiya Yr1 - Laura Yr2 – Anna Yr3 - Runeela Yr4 – Mehreen (covering in the interim whilst we look to replacing the Yr4 rep officially) Yr5 - Rofiza 1.Online homework: Q. How to get the onl...
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Clothes phrases (Year 6)

,​שלום כיתה וIn Ivrit lesson we learnt how to create short phrases using the correct structure. Use the learning aids to revise it at home.Use the vocabulary support  create your own phrases. Which other adjectives could you use other than colours? Does the noun come before the adjective in Ivrit? Is there an...
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Year 6 LK Turn Composers - The Creation Song

​The bursting joy of learning about Hashem's beautiful world, led Year 6 Limudei Kodesh pupils to open the fountains of creativity and compose a song about the days of creation which is in this week's potion of the week. What a fun lesson we had! So much Jewish learning as well as  cross curricular work, as children thought about rhy...
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Year 4's homework...

​Good afternoon everyone, I hope you have all enjoyed your first week back at school, I know I have really enjoyed being back in the classroom with the children!Please find below this week's homework and please remember that although we do not expect the homework to be returned, we do require a signature and/or comment in your child's pla...
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Year 3 Homework

Hi Year 3We have had a busy week learning all about the Viking landing at Lindisfarne as well as creating Viking helmet designs and - of course - Maths and English. Next week will be our last week before half term so there will be lots to do and lots to learn - as well as having some fun! On Thursday we are having a Viking day with cookin...
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Nursery homework

​Dear Nursery,This week we have split the class into two groups. These groups are the Robin or the Bluebird group. The children should recall which group they are in but do not worry if they do not we will using these groups weekly so they will be able to recall their group name soon.We have been learning about the number 2. We have ...
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Weekly Highlights and Homework 16.10.20 

This week has flown by... I can't believe it's Friday already. In English, the children have been editing and enhancing their persuasive letters. Each child has listened so well to verbal and written feedback given in class and a high standard of work has been produced. I am so proud! &nbs...
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Mrs Owen's Year 2 Homework

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Homework - 16.10.2020

Good afternoon Year Six,Another fantastic week's work in Year Six has been completed. Your writing is really improving now you are thinking more carefully about the expectations of a being a Year Six writer. I have really enjoyed reading your work and looking back on how much progress you have made since March. Well done!Here is this week's homewor...
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Year 2 Homework Tasks...

​Hello Year 2,This week, you have worked really well with Mrs Halter in the Kosher Kitchen. You carefully followed instructions and worked together to make your delicious Burekas. Can you remember all the ingredients used? If you could add something extra to your filling, what would it be? Your homework tasks are listed below…Spellings- Next week y...
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