Hebrew Reading Year 3

  Download PDF File Here ​Hi Year 3,Here is your Hebrew reading homework for group Lavan page 34 ( Week Beginning 28.09.20). Week Beginning 5.10.20 page 35.Here is your Hebrew reading homework for group Kahol  page 9 and 11. ( Week Beginning 28.09.20 for page 9, Week Beginning 5.10.20 for page 11). Don't forget to get ...
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Year 5 Hebrew Reading Homework

  Download PDF File Here   Download PDF File Here  Hebrew Reading for group Lavan:Week beginning 28.9.20 (Sheet 1)Week beginning 5.10.20 (Sheet 2)Hebrew Reading for group Kahol:Week beginning 28.9.20 (Page 28)Week beginning 5.10.20 (Page 29)Remember to ask an adult to sign your planner.Mrs Halters   Download PDF File Here  ...
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Time to share 25.09.2020

​Good morning Year Six,Here we are at the end of another week and almost at the end of September. I am so looking forward to seeing you all back in school next week as it has been so very quiet here without you. It has been lovely talking to you and your family and hearing what you have been doing. You have blown me away with the dedication you hav...
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Homework for Year 4...

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you have had a lovely week, I am missing being in the classroom with you but I am slowly recovering from my operation and will be back soon. I will set this week's homework out in the same way as I have previously.Parents, please remember to write a comment in your child's planner to let us know how they got on ...
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Homework tasks...

Hello Year 2,Another busy week at school has flown by. We have had so much FUN! What did you enjoy the most this week? Comment below.In English, you wrote your own pirate story. Can you remember the title to your story? Next week, we will be moving on to a new text. The text we will be exploring is the 'Hipprocrump', by Jame Reeves.In Maths, we con...
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Weekly Highlights and Homework 25.9.20

 Mrs Webley's Weekly HighlightsI hope you have had a great week, I know that many of you have been working through the lessons I have provided on the blog. Being able to call you all and listen to your WW2 inspired letters and discuss your Maths or Reading comprehension has been a real treat. I can tell many of you enj...
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Dear Parents,Your child may come home and say... 'All we did was play today!' That is correct. In Early Years, we learn through play. Through play children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments. The play is tailored to their needs and int...
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Year 3 Homework

 Hi Year 3This week as you know, we have been working on place value and the many different representations - counters, money, base ten blocks etc. I would like you to reinforce this week's learning by having a go at the Diving into Mastery work. Begin by working on your group questions (see below) and - if you want to - move on to the next se...
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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Good morning Reception children, parents and carers.  Today your child will bring home a exercise book for you to use for completing homework task when appropriate.  Inside you will see your child's first set of targets which we are working on at school.  This book should not come back to school.  You can photograph pa...
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Year 2 Hebrew reading Homework

 Well done to the children who managed to do your homework. Children now know which group they belong to. The name of the group your child belong to is now written in their planner. Please check.Below is the work for the different troups:Group Alef:   Download PDF File Here Group Bet   Download PDF File Here Group Gimmel   ...
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Year 1 LK Hebrew Reading

Well done to those children who did their homework. Please do remember that to get a star, you have to have your planners signed, saying you have done your Hebrew reading homework.Group Alef   Download PDF File Here  Group Bet   Download PDF File Here  Group Gimmel   Download PDF File Here
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Supporting Macmillan Cancer Support

We are proud to support Macmillan Cancer Support. The children will be given a special snack during their breaktime tomorrow, for a donation of £1 towards this fantastic charity. Don't forget your £1 coins!
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Newsletter #4: Thursday 24th September 2020

​Here is the latest news from King David School...      Download PDF File Here
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Year 1 Hebrew Reading Homework

A video especially for you, reviewing what we have learned. Please watch the video while looking at the Alef bet letter in your planner to follow the letters.** Apologies that the 'd' from yud is missing
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