Newsletter #4: Thursday 24th September 2020

​Here is the latest news from King David School...      Download PDF File Here
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Year 1 Hebrew Reading Homework

A video especially for you, reviewing what we have learned. Please watch the video while looking at the Alef bet letter in your planner to follow the letters.** Apologies that the 'd' from yud is missing
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Reception Hebrew Reading work

Dear children,What a fun lesson we had today at school, learning all about the letter vet and the difference between Bet and vet and what they say!!Please watch the video below and practice the difference between the two letters.
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Story of the Portion of the Week - Ha'azinu

In this week's Torah portion, Moshe expresses his love for Hashem through song. Music is incredibly powerful and acts upon our moods. A slow, melodious tune has the power to cause a person to become introspective (think deeply). A happy, joyous tune can make a person wake up from feeling lethargic and want to burst into dance!!If you were to write ...
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Topic Work - 23.09.2020

Good morning Year Six,I hope you have been keeping yourselves well and have been working hard. There was a lot of work posted on Monday. As I said in my phone call home, it is the core learning for the week. As a rough guide, you should completing the following a day and for the approximate lengths of time:Word of the Day - 10 minutesMaths - 3...
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Answers and Additional Tasks 23.9.20 

Hi Y5,I hope that you are having a good week so far. As promised, here are the answers to the Maths. Your 'Additional Work' this week will link to our topic which is 'Unlikely Heroes'. This weeks additional work includes: History, Art, DT, PSCHE and a Maths Mystery Challenge. Can you figure out who the culprit is using your knowledge of place ...
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Love from Birmingham

​Birmingham recognises times have been difficult for lots of families. Please read through the different help families can access. It might not be you that needs it - perhaps family or friends need help and you can share the information with them. We all need to look after each other, even from a distance.   Download PDF File Here
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Year 3 LK Hebrew Reading Homework

Well done to all the children who did their work and remember to have their planners signed!! Below is this week's homework. It needs to be done by Monday.Group Alef    Download PDF File Here Group B - Lines 7 till 11. Please read a couple of times over   Download PDF File Here Group gimmer   Download PDF File Here Group Da...
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The Beautiful Music of Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is a time when Hashem seals the judgement and the blessings for every person for the coming year. In shul, we will hear the most beautiful and awe inspiring tunes as prayers are sung. Years 5 and 6, I have blogged this particularly for you :).Wishing everyone Shana Tova u'metukah - A happy and sweet new year!Mrs Cohen 
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Year 4 LK Hebrew Reading

Here is you Hebrew reading work for this week. Please make sure that an adult who has seen you read signs the planner so that you can get a star!! Torah:   Download PDF File Here ​Shabbat   Download PDF File Here   Download PDF File Here
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Year 2 Ivrit lessons

​Shalom Yeladim,During the next few weeks we will be looking at three new letters, new colours and a song!The letter CHET which make the sound CH as in Hafia The letter TET which make the sound Y as in tieThe letter YUD which makes the sound Y as in Yo-yoColours: Chom (brown), Sagol (purple),Kachol (blue) and Tzahov (yellow).We had so much fun...
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Revised return date for Year 5

​Confirming the telephone call message from Mrs Webley this morning, Year 5 children are now required to self-isolate up to and including Thursday 1st October. We will welcome the class back on Friday 2nd October.   Download PDF File Here
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Year 2 LK Hebrew Reading

​Group Shabbat, Please read your homework carefully   Download PDF File Here   Download PDF File Here
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Year 5 LK plus and Year 6 LK

Let's learn all about Yom Kippur. Mrs Halter has shared some lovely information and videos that you can use as a review for your learning. The link is below.In addition, I would like you to do some independent research about Yom Kippur. is always a great website to visit. Please try as well.There is a booklet a...
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Year 5 & 6 LK groups - Tzom Gedaliah

Dear Children,  Today is a fast day - the fast of Gedaliah. It is a story about how a difficult situation was made worse by jealousy and betrayal. Follow the link below to learn about Gedaliah and what happened to him. Using your homework books, please create a cartoon version of the story. If you can send me a photo of your work, th...
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