Celebrating Year 4

​Good morning everyone, We hope that you have a had a productive week, working from home. I know that many of you spoke to Mrs Elsom this week which is lovely but we are very excited to have you all back in the classroom on Monday. I was sent some pictures of your work which I have shared below. Have a lovely, peaceful weekend and we...
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Home Reading for Reception

 Good morning ReceptionThe theme of the week was joy. Mrs Hensman, Mrs Davis and I are so proud of how you have worked and behaved this week. You have made us very happy and I hope you have enjoyed the activities we planned for you.It is another festival weekend so I will not be setting a great deal of homework. I would like to share your clas...
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Newsletter #6: Thursday 8th October 2020

 All the latest news from King David School, including a reminder of the term dates for this year.   Download PDF File Here
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Answers to Year 4's core tasks

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you have been working hard this week and have finished your core tasks. Below are the answers for the guided reading and maths work for each group. Please send me some more pictures so that I can share them in tomorrow's blog. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. you all soon, Mrs HindTerrifying Tudors and R...
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Today the children displayed their emotional maturity by listing what and who makes them feel happy.  I wanted to share this with you as their loving, kind and selfless nature has made me so happy today.  Things that make us happy:Hugs and cuddlesKissesSeeing our family and friendsGoing to restaurantsGoing somewhere sp...
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Leaning about Sukkot and Simchat Torah - Year 4 LK Plus

Dear Children,We miss you at school! I trust you have been keeping up with your RE work that has been put on the blog. I look forward to discussing what you have achieved when you are back at school on Monday.This week, we learn all about Sukkot, the intermediary days of the festivals and Simchat Torah. Your task is to produce a poster (or in your ...
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Families magazine

School has distributed Families Birmingham Magazine for several years. Due to the current restrictions, hard copies are not being delivered, however you can access the online version following the link below. Please see the following message from the publishers...Dear Parent/Carer,We're pleased to be able to send you the Sep/Oct Families Birmingham...
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TESSE - Thank you for participating

Yesterday the children in Y3 and Y6 were able again to take part in the TESSE evaluation of Speak Out Stay Safe. This will help guide programmes in the future to help children stay safe. Please see below a letter from the researchers, thanking families for their participation.    Download PDF File Here
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Topic work for Year 4...

Good morning Year 4, I hope you have enjoyed your week so far and have been working hard at home. Please remember to send pictures of  your work to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so I can share them on Friday. HistoryWe are continuing to learn about the Tudors and this week I would like you to focus on Tudor explorers and thei...
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Year 5 LK Hebrew Reading Homework

Here is the Hebrew reading homework for the next two weeks. We will now move onto focusing on fluency. For this, we will need to use a timer. Please time each column twice. The aim is to have the second time reading the same column faster than the first time around. Dare yourself to do it a third time and be even faster!!Please record timings in th...
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Year 1 Hebrew Reading Homework

Dear Year 1 Parents,Here is a chart with the name and sounds of all the Alef Bet letters. Please review the letters and sounds they make with your children. This week we are focusing on letters between yud and pey.Please make sure that your children watch the videos below to help them differentiate between similar letters. I look forward to se...
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Reception, Lets Learn the Letter Gimmel

 Children, This week we will be looking at the letter Gimmel. Please watch the video below to help you remember the letter and the sound that 'go go gimmel' makes!
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Hello Year 2,This week we have spent some of our learning time in the ICT suite. Online learning is a great tool as it encourages independent learners. Useful websites to use…TTRS- Times Table Rock Starts-This website is great to learn your times tables. You can also compete against your friends. https://ttrockstars.com/ Letter-join- Five minutes e...
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Year 3 LK Hebrew reading Homework

 Hebrew reading homework for Mrs Cohen's group:Group Alef: Page 72 lines 9-12                   Page 73    Download PDF File Here   Download PDF File Here Group Bet   Download PDF File Here Group Gimmel   Download PDF File Here Group Daled   Download PDF File Here ...
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Term dates 2022/23

  Download PDF File Here
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