Year 3 Homework

Hi Year 3

We have had a busy week learning all about the Viking landing at Lindisfarne as well as creating Viking helmet designs and - of course - Maths and English. Next week will be our last week before half term so there will be lots to do and lots to learn - as well as having some fun! On Thursday we are having a Viking day with cooking and activities as well as dressing up. A letter was sent home on Tuesday so please take a look. I have asked that children do not bring props or plastic weapons of any kind as we are trying to minimise sharing. We will still be able to have fun in costume though. I have included the letter here in case you didn't get a copy on Tuesday. 

Homework for this week is back to normal (whatever normal is in these strange times) 

Spellings - this week I have sent home a list of the statutory words for this half term. These are the words that the children need to be able to spell according to the statutory list for Year 3 so please help them as much as possible. 

Writing - We have been learning about adjectives and  homophones over the last couple of weeks, including putting a comma between two adjectives. Homophones are tricky to get to grips with at times but children must learn the correct use of these. I have included a picture from Pobble 365 for our writing stimulus this week. I suggest children complete the work for their group but, of course, they can have a go at any of the tasks. 

In Maths, we have been learning to add and subtract mentally using a variety of strategies to help us, including exchange of a ten where necessary. Children still need to work on this. Your child can choose the level that suits them. 

As we have been learning about the landing at Lindisfarne and the boats the Vikings used to cross from Scandinavia to Britain, as well as beginning to look at newspaper reports, I have chosen a comprehension based on this. There are two levels to choose from. The first one is slightly easier than the second one so choose wisely Year 3! 

As always, thank you for your support.

C Nash

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Friday, 30 October 2020