Year 2 Homework Tasks...

Hello Year 2,

This week, you have worked really well with Mrs Halter in the Kosher Kitchen. You carefully followed instructions and worked together to make your delicious Burekas. Can you remember all the ingredients used? If you could add something extra to your filling, what would it be?

Your homework tasks are listed below…

Spellings- Next week you will have a MEGA spelling test. You will be tested on all the Year 1 Common Exception words. I have attached a PDF with the spelling list. REMEMBER you can also find the Year 1 Spelling list in your school planners.

TOP TIP- Tick off the spellings your already know and learn the words you don't know. Make this as fun as possible. Use magnets on your fridge, rainbow spellings or play a game of spelling pyramids.


What's your favourite sandwich? Write a set of instructions to making your favourite sandwich. Remember to include BOSSY VERBS (put, cut, spread)! Don't forget to number your instructions.


Log on to Oxford Owl eBOOK Library. Search the book 'A Monster Mistake'. You can read or listen to the story. Complete both Activity 1 and Activity 2.


This week you have been counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. With a grown-up play 'PING PONG', counting in 2's, 5's and 10's.

Work through the Maths multiplication problems. Remember to show your working out.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Miss Hussain


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