Year 2 Homework Tasks...

Hello Year 2,

We have had such a FUN week learning in the computer suite.

Next week, it's our turn in the Kosher Kitchen. You will be working alongside Mrs Halter to make BUREKAS! Some of your homework tasks this week will link to cooking.


Write a leaflet all about keeping safe whilst cooking. Remember to include pictures and 'Top Tips'.

Steps to success:

  • Red pencil for capital letters and any punctuation
  • Use conjunctions (but, when, so, if)
  • Write in second person (You)


Log on to Oxford owl. Read the e-book 'Plants for Dinner'. Answers the questions (page 23) in FULL sentences in your homework book.

User: KD_Year2

Password: year2


With help from a grown up, line up all your pairs of shoes and count in 2's. How many pairs do you have? How many shoes do you have? Can you write a number sentence to represent your number?

Spellings- Silly Sentences-Write 3 or more sentences that use all your spelling words.

Dahl: look    took    shook     book     cook     hook     put     ask    full    by

Wilson:    looking    cooked     stood     hooked     wooden  spoon     should   could    after    only

Have FUN!

Miss Hussain


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Friday, 04 December 2020