week 2

Hi reception. 

Well if last week was all about spring then this week is all about water.      

I thought we could do some experiments? 

Using the washing up bowl or the bath can you find 3 things that float and 3 things that sink? Ask your adults what material they are made of.  If you want to you could make a raft or boat.  I might try toilet rolls or a bit of plastic milk bottle.  Which one is better?

Parents/Carers: this is learning about materials and also ways of classifying objects.  How will they display their findings? You could make a table for them to draw objects onto or give them 2 place mats for sorting the objects onto.  Get them to make a prediction first.  Why do you think that? What happened and why?  Enjoy watching their little minds learn new rules about materials and objects which we take for granted.  My favourite is to give them an empty plastic bottle with  a lid on and ask them to make it sink?  They could use water or sand or anything else to make it heavy.  Will it sink empty, half full or only full?  

Look online for other great easy water experiments. But stay safe!

This is called the escaping water experiment.
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Short bursts and lots of fun.


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Wednesday, 23 September 2020