Wednesday 8th July 2020 - Nursery

Good morning Nursery. 

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about food. Learning may focus on where different foods originate from, what makes a healthy meal, opportunities to cook etc.

What Food Keeps us Healthy?- Provide your child with a selection of items from your kitchen cupboards. Write the word 'healthy' onto one piece of paper and 'unhealthy' onto another. Ask your child to sort the food accordingly. Discuss why the food is good for you or bad for you. Look at the Eatwell Plate and explain to your child which foods they should eat a lot of or not very much of. I have attached a fun activity below. 

Eating 5 a Day- Support your child to create a food diary to record how many pieces of fruit and vegetables they eat in a day. They could write these using their phonics knowledge e.g. p-l-u-m or draw a picture of each item. Ask them to count at the end of each day how many items of fruit and vegetables they've eaten. Challenge: Ask your child to count how many pieces of fruit and vegetables they've eaten over the course of the week.

●Encourage your child to stay fit and healthy by taking part in a Wake Up, Shake Up game.

Create a Collage- Ask your child to draw out a number of fruits or vegetables, large enough to fill a piece of A4 paper. Provide them with a selection of colourful packaging or magazines. Can they carefully cut out the colourful pieces and stick them onto their picture to create their very own collage? 

Shopkeeper Fun- Using toy food or old packaging, set up a food shop for your child to act out being the shopkeeper and customer. You could introduce coins to support their developing knowledge of money. Give them a notepad to use as a shopping list to encourage in the moment writing. This is a great opportunity to practise your child's speaking and listening skills too.

Potato Printing- Using a potato, support your child to print and explore the shapes and patterns they can create by printing. Can they make a repeated pattern using two colours? Vegetables such as carrots and peppers will also work for this activity. 

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