Wednesday 3rd June 2020

We are pleased to welcome back the children the government have asked to return to school. As we endeavour to return to a normal school week, teachers from Nursery, Reception, Year One and Year Six will no longer blog children's work on a Friday. We will continue to welcome work from the children who are staying at home. 

This week we will read many stories to the children. I will be including 'Handa's Suprise' by Eileen Browne in the story list tomorrow. 

The work this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about countries and cities around the world. Learning may focus on different cultures and traditions, famous landmarks, food and clothing.


●Look at flags from around the world. Discuss which are your child's favourites and why? Ask your child to design and make their own flag using 2d shapes.

Food Tasting

●Find some different foods/fruits from around the world and taste each one. These might include: pizza (Italy), curry (India) and taco (Mexican) or the fruits from the story Handa's Surprise. Your child can create a chart putting a tick next to each food they like and a cross next to the foods they dislike over the course of the week.

Pleasing Puppets

●Make your own Handa's Surprise character puppet. Click here for more ideas.

Toys from Around the World

Look at this photography project of children with their toys from around the world. Discuss how life is the same and how life is different in other countries. Can your child draw their favourite toy and write a sentence explaining why this is their favourite?

Where in the World?

Discuss with your child where your family comes from in the world. If you have them available, show your child photographs of where you, or their grandparents, grew up. This might be similar to where they live now or completely different. Encourage your child to think about the differences between the places.

Engineering Around the World – Bridges

●A bridge helps people move over obstacles like a river, a valley or a busy road.The world's longest bridge is in China and is 164.8km long. It would take more than two days to walk the length of this bridge. Do you have any bridges near your home?What do they look like?

Try building a bridge out of paper, Lego or any other building materials you might have at home.Your bridge needs to be big enough for a toy car or small toy to travel over.​


Mrs Owen's brother in law has produced some music lessons. You will need wooden spoons or pots and pans. I tried this video with my children and they loved joining in with it. Music

Mrs Poole

Lovely to see you once again!
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