Wednesday 10th June

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about music. Learning may focus on famous musicians, listening to and performing music and exploring a range of music genres and instruments.

Drummers Drumming

●Using pots, pans and baking trays from the kitchen lay out your own 'drum kit'. Allow your child to explore by banging and tapping the pans to see the different sounds they make. Extend this activity by tapping out a rhythm and asking your child to listen to it then repeat it. You could make this more difficult by adding in a blindfold so they have to rely on the sound to identify which pot or pan they need to hit to copy.

Make your own Music

Your child could create a guitar using a plastic tub with elastic bands wrapped around it. Can your child draw instructions on how to make a guitar for somebody else to follow?

A Family Music Show

●Ask each member of the family to prepare a song and then put on a singing performance. You could select someone to be the judge or ask a family member to watch on a video call and decide on the winner. Don't forget to send the invite first (see writing task).

Making Instruments – Make Sound Shakers

●Collect some different containers with lids, make sure you cannot see through them.The small plastic containers from inside chocolate eggs work really well.Put different materials in the containers.(Stones, rice, sugar, paper clips etc.)

●How many shakers can you make? Do they all sound the same?Can you make a shaker that is difficult to recognise? Can you make loud and quiet sounds with them?

●For more ideas take a look at the full resources here.

Here is another Music lesson with Mr Mercer

If your child requires more of a challenge, or you believe that there are some gaps in their learning then Century Tech is a fantastic resource that is currently free for home learning. The app is designed to address gaps and misconceptions, provide challenge and enables children to retain new knowledge. It uses artificial intelligence to tailor the learning to your child's needs. Sign up here.

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