After a week of working from home, home schooling my preschooler and caring for my baby, I am sharing with you all the challenge of this time.  I have concluded they following:

  • We can only do our best
  • If our children's physical and mental needs are being met we are doing great. 
  • Teaching our own children is hard work.  

The Early Years team is here to support you as much as we can.  We can praise and encourage the children and set them further challenges.  If you are doing your own thing and not using the resources provided by the school then we would still like to celebrate them.  Baked a cake? Helped a sibling? Built an obstacle course?  All great stuff.

I know that many of you worry about screen time.  Although its obviously not ideal to spend too much time on a device there are valuable apps, and websites out there.  Make the right choices and be sure you always keeping them safe online.  

Mrs Poole posted an example of a daily routine which you might find useful on the Nursery blog.  Children need routine and structure. Introducing choice of activity or choosing time as a reward will increase their enthusiasm too.  

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Mrs Walker and Mrs Scott