Transport Wednesday

Good morning Nursery. The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about transport. Learning may focus on modes of transport, transport in the past, the science behind transport, road safety and how to be safe around water.

Make Paper Planes

●Make paper airplanes using this guide. Ask your child/ children to come up with a name for their airplane and write this on the side. Have a competition to see whose airplane will fly the furthest/ highest. You could ask them to create a certificate for the winner. 

Traffic Lights

●Play the traffic light game- Ask your child to help create a set of traffic lights. This could be as detailed or simple as you like. Ask your child to run around the garden/ outdoor space. When you point to a colour on the traffic light they have to do the following:

○Red- Stop or freeze where they are

○Orange- Walk slowly

○Green- Run

You can extend this by adding in different colours or actions e.g. when you bounce a ball on the ground, they have to jump up and down. They have played this game in PE in school so hopefully they will remember it.

Origami Boat

Follow the instructions here to make your very own origami boat. You could float these in a paddling pool, in the sink or in the bath. Experiment with filling your boats up with objects, does it still float?

Follow the instructions -

●Give instructions to guide each other around the house/garden i.e. forward two steps, turn left, forward two more steps.

●Can you support your child in drawing a map to show the way around the house? CHALLENGE: Work with your child guiding Bee Bot to the flower. Use the arrows and press 'Go!'

Learn to Ride a Bike

Support your child in learning to ride a bike. They could even do an obstacle course to help develop their control or have races to improve their speed.

STEM activity:

Brilliant Boats Collect different materials from around your house.Paper, yoghurt pots, cereal boxes, tinfoil cake tins.Which objects make the best boats? Which boat will carry the most coins or marbles?​

Most of all have fun.

Mrs Poole

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Sunday, 25 October 2020