Time to share 25.09.2020

​Good morning Year Six,

Here we are at the end of another week and almost at the end of September. I am so looking forward to seeing you all back in school next week as it has been so very quiet here without you. It has been lovely talking to you and your family and hearing what you have been doing. You have blown me away with the dedication you have shown to your learning, the fabulous organisation you have demonstrated along with high levels of self-motivation. You have made me proud! 

Thank you to everyone who has shared work with me. There were many wonderful examples so I have chosen something from everyone who has sent me an example of their work. One thing I have to say about all of them, is how impressed I am with the standard of presentation. You have listened carefully to my expectations and haven't let them slip when you've been at home. 

Shalom's Word of the Day and spelling work
Eather was also working hard on her Maths, making sure she kept to the same layout and structure as our lessons in class.
Zunairah wrote a detailed book review. Would you read this book?
More Word of the Day work from Shalom
Zunairah managed to print out the worksheets for Maths.
What a detailed set of instructions for making our honey cake! Well done for looking at the example text I provided, Zunairah.
Malky has also been working hard to practise her handwriting and spellings
Zunairah completed one of the reading activities on the sheet.
Musa has been doing lots of different tasks in his homework book. Here is some Word of the Day work and his honey cake recipe.
One example of Malky's Maths work she sent to me.
Laiba wrote her reading answers in her book.
Look at the fantastic presentation for this honey cake recipe. Omar has also use a range of punctuation and included tips for the reader to follow.

Momo has sent me this snapshot of the work he has completed this week. When I phoned home on Wednesday, he was watching the 1997 film Titanic with his mom. Later in the term, we will be watching a different film in school, A Night to Remember, so it will be interesting to compare the events portrayed and film techniques used.  

Omar has sent me this feedback from the science investigation I posted in Wednesday's blog.

When I used a Lego piece it sunk in the clear and salt water but floated in the water with baking powder.When I used a heavy pebble, it sunk in all of them but went down slowly in the baking powder. The baking powder contained raising agent but I am not sure what effect this had in it causing it to float. I was surprised as I thought the object would float in the salt water. 

I wonder if you had similar results when you carried out the investigation? We will discuss the results on Tuesday. 

Grey Cup: water with 4 tablespoons of salt
Pink Cup: Water with 2 tablespoons of baking powder

​Have a peaceful weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday after Yom Kippur.

Take care and keep safe.

Mrs Smyth

Year 5 LK Hebrew Reading Homework


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