The wider reopening of schools

Yesterday the Governing Body approved plans to welcome back some year groups after half-term, if the Government's five key targets for Stage Two of opening up the country from lockdown are met.

It was agreed that from Wednesday 3rd June, Reception, Year One and Year Six will come back full-time. The Nursery class will be divided into two groups - one group attending Mondays and Tuesdays, and the other group attending Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Each of the classes in Reception, Year One and Year Six will be divided into two groups, spread over two classrooms. The two Reception groups will be taught in the Reception classroom and the Shul. The Year One groups will be in the Year One and Year Two classrooms, and the Year Six groups will be in the Year Five and Year Six classrooms. The different groups will not mix with one another at all - not even at break time or at dinner time. We will try to promote social distancing within the groups, especially in the Year Six groups, but it is not realistic, and potentially emotionally harmful, to expect young children to stay away from one another. The emphasis inside each group will instead be on good hygiene, including regular hand-washing.

The school has adopted a range of measures to keep the children and staff safe. Thorough risk assessments, put in place by the Local Authority, have been approved by the Governing Body, covering the physical site, cleaning routines and resources, safeguarding, first aid, staff training, behaviour management, curriculum, etc. 

We have chosen Wednesday 3rd June, to give time for preparation of the classrooms, staff training, and any response needed to new developments over the half-term break. The staff will be in school on the Monday and Tuesday, working hard to make sure everything is ready.

Further details will be posted via Royal Mail to all households today. Nursery families will be informed in their letters, of which days their child can attend. We will also be explaining the dropping-off process at the start of the day. We will be keeping the normal school times of 8:45am - 3:25pm (2:15pm on Fridays) but enforcing social distancing between families in the playground at these times. A video will be blogged on Monday 1st June, showing you these routines, and how social distancing will be achieved.

In the meantime, we want to make families aware of the following, in preparation for next half-term:

* The school must have up-to-date emergency contact details, where we can reach you throughout the school day. If your child becomes sick while in school, you must have in place a way to collect your child promptly.

* If your child or anyone in your household has symptoms of the virus, your child must be kept at home. Children with the virus must stay at home 7 days after first being symptomatic, and longer if still unwell. If they are in a household where someone else becomes ill with the virus, they must stay at home for 14 days.

* Your child must wear fresh clothes each day. We will ask all children to be in school uniform, however if having a daily change causes challenges, we will show leniency on the uniform - but please do your best. Boys will need their own capul (head covering) - they will not be able to borrow these. Capuls can be bought via School Money. We have a supply of secondhand school uniform, that has all been washed. If you would like to be given any of this spare uniform, please email me - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Attendance for children in Nursery, Reception, Year One and Year Six from Wednesday 3rd June is encouraged, but we understand the deep concerns that parents will have. Hopefully the further detail coming to you over the next few days will alleviate many of these worries, but nonetheless we respect any family that makes the decision to keep their children at home. There will be no action taken against non-attenders this term.

We are not yet in a position to welcome back children in Year Two, Year Three, Year Four or Year Five. We will continue to set work through the blogs for these classes.  Due to the half-term break, the next blogs setting work will be on Monday 1st June.

The school continues to be open each school day (including 1st and 2nd June) for the children of key workers, with the prior agreement of Mr Langford.

Finally I want to express my sincere thanks to the fantastic staff of King David School, who have worked together (at a safe distance) to take us through this difficult period and prepare for the next stages, with positivity and supporting one another.


Steve Langford


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Guest - HM on Saturday, 23 May 2020 21:22

Thank you sir. Difficult times and thanks for the detailed update.

Thank you sir. Difficult times and thanks for the detailed update.
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Wednesday, 15 July 2020