The Rebbe's message about Mordachai By Malky

              B.   B.                                                       B.                                                                                                                                                                                               Our Rabbi's tell us that  the Purim story was a problem for the Jews between living or being killed, physically and spiritually. It was brought about by the fact that Mordechai had gathered 22,000 Jewish children who he taught the Torah and with whom he prayed for G‑d's help and to save their life. Let  us remember that Mordechai was one of the heads of the Jewish law court (Sanchedrin), the greatest Jew of his time in learning and all other things. Nevertheless, he set everything aside in order to strengthen the foundations of education, actually going in personally  to teach the holy Torah with self sacrifice to small children.

The  message for us is this: No matter what someone's place  in life is, or how important someone's activities are, one must first dedicate at least some part of their time and efforts to the most important of all causes — saving our young generation through bringing them into the belief  to all that has been holy to us ever since our ancestors received the Torah at Mount Sinai,  to the point of self-sacrifice. Only in this way can we make sure that the young generation will remain with us, and, as a matter of course, ensure the existence of our people. Moreover, in this lies our strength against all Hamans, and our security under G‑d's protection.
Not a good day for Haman
The 4 mitzvot of Purim by Momo


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