The four fantastic mitzvah's that we do on Purim

​Hello, my name is Sophie Bushel and I will be talking to you about the four fantastic mitzvos that we do on Purim

Number one run to  your synagogue and   try to listen to every word of  the Megillah .Now I am sure you're wondering...

Sophie, how is reading from the Megillah a Mitsvah? Well, the Megillah, in English this means the book of Ester,  is written on a parchment scroll. It is very important that everyone in the room (aka synagogue) hears every word to ensure you that you  know the whole story and the knowledge that you should never be like Haman 'boooo'

The second Mitsvah,, is to give Manot to the people of your soroundings.(Manot means to give money,gift baskets and many more yummy things).Most people's tradition is to give money to the poor,give sweets to your friends and make people happy.Now the Mitsvah is to make lots of people around the world happy and give them a home.

Did you know that the third Mitsvah is sort of like the second. However the second is more to do with giving money to the poor than sweets and chocolate yet the third is to give Mishloach Manot baskets to our freinds and family to remember that we will never be broken apart and never give up on Hashem.

For the final Mitsvah is to have a gargantuan feast (which means very big) because Achashvairosh  was invited by Ester to accompany her to a banquet. with Haman where she told Achashverosh about Haman's plans

The 4 mitzvot of Purim by Momo
Week 1 Highlights 28.2.20


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