The 4 mitzvot of Purim by Momo

                          THE 4 MITZVOT OF PURIM

There are 4 mitzvot in Purim. They are giving charity, giving food to people and friends, listening to the Megillah and FEASTING!!!!!!!!!

1) The Megillah (Book of Ester)

You are supposed to hear every word of the Megillah however any time you hear Haman's name (the evil person) you shake your gragger (a thing which makes a lot of noise.) You need to hear the Megillah twice, once in the day, and once at nighttime. 

2) Giving charity to the needy 

On Purim you are also supposed to give money to the needy. You need to give money  or food to at least 2 people during the day of Purim. You need to place 2 coins in 2 different charity boxes.

3) Give food to friends

On Purim day, you need to have 2 different foods that are ready to eat and usually a drink. You can give this to any of your friends!

4) FEAST!!!

The fourth and final mitzvah is to have a feast with your family and friends. Just eat all you want and drink all you want!

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