Spying the Environment Just like the Meraglim

What a pleasure it has been to see all the work I have received this week. 

Chai  has gone to investigate the blessings of the land of Israel and came back with a HUGE bunch of grapes! By her smile, I can tell she would have been one of the spies that brought back a positive report!!  Fantastic!

Oliver has been spying on the environment and found some wonderful things about it and some worrying issues! have a look at his work to find out.

With the key worker group at school, we pretended to be spies and observed from the balcony what was going on. Children noticed some very interesting things about the hall, how sound carry and how some of what they thought they knew about the hall, was actually not quite so!! 

22.06.2020 - Core Learning
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Wednesday, 15 July 2020