School reopens to all on March 8th

Following the Prime Minister's announcement on Monday, we are excited to confirm that all children will be returning to school on Monday 8th March. It will be so good to welcome everyone back - we've really missed you!

Well done for keeping up your learning through Google Classrooms. We've had 95% plus attendance for the live lessons, and you have shown in your tutorial lessons that you have kept up the hard work with the set tasks. 

When we return on 8th March, school will be organised in the same way as last term. Each class will be its own bubble, not mixing with other classes in school, in the playground or in the dinner hall. You will need to line up for 8:45am, in your own zones, or family groups can stand together, but keeping at least 2 metres away from other families.

There is an increased emphasis on fresh air and good ventilation, so the windows will be open in the classrooms - you might want your child to wear an extra vest and make sure they have a jumper to wear in class. 

We will also be enforcing masks for all visitors and adults in the playground. Unless you have a medical exemption, you must wear a mask when dropping off or collecting your child. We understand that a few people do have genuine exemptions, but please understand you may be approached by the security guard or school staff, to confirm that this is the case. This is to keep us all safe and your cooperation is appreciated.

All the teaching staff are looking forward to welcoming the children back. We will be doing assessments to see what progress has been achieved, and identify where support will be most needed. From the lockdown in 2020, we know reading will be a focus, and are introducing the Accelerated Reading programme for all children from Year 2 upwards. We have also enrolled in the National Tutor programme, and will be able to give small group targeted interventions to those who need it. Everyone is determined that all our children will succeed and fulfil their potential. As always, your support is greatly appreciated - more than ever, the education of our children is a team effort!

We will send out more information next week, in particular with reminders about how the morning drop-off routine goes and what children need to bring in to school. 

In the meantime, good luck with the home learning. As a wise wag on twitter said, "Treat home education like you treat home hairdressing. Keep it as respectable as you possibly can, with the tools at your disposal, until the professionals can pick up the pieces."

And a very happy Purim to everyone - Chag Purim Sameach!


Steve Langford
King David School 

School reopens - a message from Mr Langford
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Monday, 12 April 2021