Routines for the first day


We are really looking forward to welcoming the children back to school tomorrow morning. The front gates will be open from 8:30am and the children should wait in each of their respective "drop-off zones", in front of the door through which they will enter in to school. At 8:45am, Y1 will enter through the left-most door, Y2 through the next door along, and Y5 and Y6 through the tower door. Y3 and Y4 will enter through the main entrance, while Nursery and Reception have their separate EYFS entrance. Watch the video and all becomes clear.

See you tomorrow!  

A few last minute questions...
My Going Back to School Story

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Guest - Mrs Owen on Tuesday, 01 September 2020 18:16

Very informative. Thank you. 

Very informative. Thank you. 
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Sunday, 25 October 2020