Respect for Animal - A Commandment Given to Humanity

This week, we have been learning all about another Noahite commandment - Respect for Animals.   

After the mabul (flood) Noach was given 7 laws that form the basis of society. The seven Noahite laws ensure that we form and maintain societies where everyone can feel happy and secure. 

Respecting animals includes being kind to them, not causing unnecessary hurt or pain (taking your pet to the vet to have an injection is OK!) and making sure that we provide food and water and a safe space for them to be.

There are many charities that look after animals and pets. Have a look at them and see what appeals to you. Our key worker pupils have come up with incredible ideas for charities to look after animals. I hope that when they are older, they will have the opportunity of creating and running the charities they suggested.

If you were to create a charity to do with animals welfare, what would your charity be?

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Newsletter #29 - Thursday 25th June 2020


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Wednesday, 15 July 2020