Blast off to space!

Happy Wednesday to you all. I hope you have had a fun week so far. Here are further ideas to support your child's learning and we hope you have lots of fun trying them. 

Remarkable Rockets

●Use junk modelling or craft items you have around your house to create your own rocket. Toilet roll or kitchen roll tubes are a good starting point. You could have rocket races in the garden:

○Tie a string up at an angle or use the washing line.

○Blow up a balloon and sellotape it to your rocket. Hold the end of the balloon but do not tie it.

○Let the balloon go and watch your rocket fly!

Make a Textured Planet

●Work with your child to create a replica of a planet. You could papier mache a balloon, or colour, paint or stick bits of materials on to the card to create textured effects. 

Explore Space Online

●Support your child in looking at the Earth from space using the Google Earth programme and identifying simple features such as water.

●Can you find your home? What does your child notice about the surrounding area?

Phone Home

Create a space phone with your child using items from around the home. Get them to practise forming numerals correctly to create the buttons.

Make a space phone book to support role-play. Ask your child to draw a picture of a different alien on each page and write a phone number for them.

Have a Space Themed Party/Picnic

●Support your child to use tin foil to create shiny space suits for their teddies and dolls. They could have a space-themed teddy bears' picnic afterwards where they share the biscuits in the next activity!

Make yummy star biscuits to share at the picnic. Click here (or go to to find instructions on how to support your child in making simple star biscuits. 


can you paint a picture like Van Gogh's Starry night? My daughter tried to recreate it at the weekend. 

​The children in school have made these Space themed rings out of paper plates this week. 

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Sunday, 25 October 2020