Parsha Ki Tavo - Showing Gratitude

A very warm welcome back for all the children! It has been an absolute pleasure to hear the buzz at school and to get a change to see all our shining stars back!

Our parsha work will continue via the blogs. Most weeks, there will be a blog with the portion of the Torah that will be read in the shul that week. Some of the weeks, during the month of Tishrei we do not continue the flow of the parshiot but there will be exiting things about the festival.

This week's portion it is about showing gratitude for the good things.  This theme is reflected on the mitzvah of bringing the first of the fruits to the temple as a recognition of Hashem's great blessings. Read and listen to parsha Ki Tavo below.

Newsletter #1: Thursday 3rd September 2020
Welcome back Year 1!


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Tuesday, 20 October 2020