More classes returning Monday

We have had a great response from Y3 and Y4 parents for returning to school on Monday 29th June. Indeed, sadly, we have not been able to fit in every Y3 child who wanted a place, though we will put them on a waiting list. All the children who are returning on Monday will have had their place confirmed.

Below you will see "My going back to school" story. Please go through it with your child and, ideally, print it off and fill it in with them as much as you can, and send it into school with your child on Monday. Don't worry if you can't print it out, though please do talk about it with your child. We will have further hard copies in school next week, as Mrs Nash and Mrs Hind will be discussing the contents of those packs with the children.

On Monday morning, please stand with your child on a marker in the playground. These are spaced at least 2 metres apart. We ask that only one adult comes in with their child. Your child can bring a snack, sunscreen (in a spray bottle) if needed, and a water bottle, but should not bring in books, pencil cases or toys. If your child has medication, make sure that comes in to school too. Children with asthma should keep their inhaler on their desk in their classroom. Please make sure Mrs Lester in the office is aware of any new medication coming in to school.

Y3 and Y4 will both be entering through the main school entrance at 8:45am, and dismissed from there at the usual home-time (3:25pm each day, 2:15pm on Fridays). 

We're missing you.


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Sunday, 25 October 2020