Monday 13th July - Nursery

Hello Nursery, 

This is my last Monday post to you. Next Monday, Mrs Walker will be setting you some work to complete ready for starting Reception in September. 

This week we would have been celebrating sports day so our topic is SPORT!  Here is a photo of Dominick Cunningham, a gymnast who came to school for a sponsored sports event last year. 

The children in school will be completing sporting events on the back field on Tuesday and Wednesday so please send your child in appropriate clothing and footwear to run in.  

Have fun, 

Mrs Poole

Here are some further ideas to keep you going. 

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about sports and games. Learning may focus on the history of sport, sporting-heroes, physical challenges and performance.

Ball Games

●Play a game of catch with a ball - when you drop the ball, you lose a point. You could record points using a tally chart and count up who has the most points at the end. CHALLENGE: See if you can catch the ball standing further apart, catch with one hand or use a smaller ball.

Play Skittles

●If you have a set of skittles, you're ready to go, if not you can make your own skittles using plastic bottles. Take a plastic bottle and partly fill with soil/ stones or sand to weigh it down. If you don't have plastic bottles available you could use tin cans for an alternative version. Ask your child to count how many skittles there are to begin with. Roll the ball at the skittles and ask your child to count how many they have knocked over. Can they work out how many are left? CHALLENGE: You could write this out as a subtraction number sentence e.g. if you start with 5 skittles and knock over 2 your child would write 5 - 2. Ask them to count how many are left to find the answer 5 - 2 = 3

Competition Time

●Have a time challenge. Give your child an action to do e.g. hop, skip, jump, clap or star jump. how many can they do in one minute. Keep a record of the scores. Ask everyone in the house to have a go! Share a photograph with Mrs Poole This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Parts of the Human Body

Ask your child which parts of their body they use to run? To do a handstand? Draw the parts of the body and for a challenge ask them to label them using their phonics knowledge.

Create your own Junk Modelled Football Pitch

●Using a lid of a shoe box or similar container, help your child to cut out two holes on each end as the goals. If you have green card or paper, stick this in the base, if not you can colour in plain paper using a crayon. Draw out the marking on the pitch using crayons or felt tips. When finished, stand your football pitch on a box on the table. Using something ball-like (e.g. a sweet), take turns aiming at your partner's goal whilst the other tries to save the goal. If you score you get to eat the sweet! CHALLENGE: Write instructions to play your game e.g. 1. Put the ball in. 2. Flick at the goal. 3. Eat the sweet!

Brilliant Bodies

● Try testing your body by seeing how long you can balance for.

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