Message from Mr Langford

Good morning. It is Monday morning on the final week of this half-term like no other. The vast majority of our children are still learning at home, waiting to see when they will come back to school. In the next couple of hours, your teachers will be blogging this week's home-learning tasks. Remember – the work set on Monday, every child should do. It includes Reading, writing, maths and spellings, and it is important that families make time for their child to do this work, to stop them falling too far behind. On Wednesday your teachers will post more learning activities, mostly related to the other subjects, and we hope you will be able to also do at least some of these tasks, as well as the core tasks set on Monday.

One week ago, the government published its plan for releasing the country from lockdown. Of most interest to us, were the plans to allow some classes to return to school. Under Phase Two, when the time is right, Nursery, Reception, Year One and Year Six will be able to return to school. The government has asked us to be ready for that Phase next half-term, perhaps as early as the First of June. With the support of Mrs Owen, the teachers, other headteachers in the local area, and using the guidance from the government, I have put together a plan of how this can be done safely. That plan will go to the school's Governing Body this Thursday.

Under these plans, the classes will be limited in size, at most 15 children, and in some of the smaller classroom only 12 children, and for Nursery and Reception, the group size is limited to 10. For Nursery, we will have two separate groups, one on Monday and Tuesday, and the other on Wednesday and Thursday. For Reception, Year One and Year Six, those children will be in school full-time, but spread over two classrooms each. This will mean that your child may not be in their usual classroom, nor with their usual teacher.

Within each group, we will try to minimise the close contact between children through our choice of activities, but it will be impossible to keep children completely separate. Instead our focus will be on creating 'social bubbles', so the children within a group may well mix closely, but they will be kept separate from the other groups, throughout the day, including breaktimes and dinnertimes.

This plan will only go into action if the following conditions are met:

1. The Governing Body approves the plan this Thursday.

2. The government determines its 5 key tests for easing the lockdown are met, and it is safe to move to this next phase.

3. The leadership of the school, the governors and the senior staff, and in discussion with the teaching staff, feel that it is safe for the children and adults to reopen school in this way.

Over the next three days, your teachers will be phoning home again. They told me how much they enjoyed speaking to parents and children last time, and hearing your news. They will ask you how you are getting on with the new style of home learning tasks, making sure you are getting the core tasks done. They will also be asking the parents their feelings regarding the reopening of schools. For parents of children in Nursery, Reception, Year One and Year Six, we will be asking if you will be sending your children back to school on the First of June, if the conditions for a return are met. This will help us with our planning and preparations.

I hope you have a good week, keep safe, and, please G-d, we see us other again soon.

Steve Langford


King David School

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Wednesday, 15 July 2020