Lets Review the Alef Bet Letters for Reception and Year 1

One of our primary goals for Hebrew reading has been to assess where all our children are up to in their learning. The link below will help your child review  the Hebrew letters. 

Reception and Year one: Please play the Youtube link and encourage your child to sing along

For Year 1, I am attaching a PDF. Please go over these letters with your child and sign their planner in the box called "other" telling us that he/she have done their homework. Ask your child the name and sound of the letters. The attached PDF has the name of the letters under each one of them. You can also ask the child what sound these letters make. Due to lockdown, we did not get to teach all the letters. All children in this class have now been assessed. We will be working to cover the gaps and begin with this year program. 

Year 1 Homework
The Hebrew letters


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Monday, 08 March 2021