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With the festival of Pesach starting on Wednesday evening, 8th April, please find some resources below to help you learn about the festival. There is a range of activities you might want to choose from. Remember to send photos of the things you do!


   JIBites - 


PDF files for learning and activities: 

Please note that the festivals  times given on the Chabad youth Pesach activity booklet is for Australia. For Birmingham, times are as follows:

7 April: Search for chametz - after 8:28 pm

8 April: Finish eating chametz by 10:52     Burn chametz by 12:01

First day Yomtov candle lighting on 8 April at 7:36  First seder starts after 8:31

Second day Yomtov candle lighting at 8:31

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Wednesday, 23 September 2020