Lag B’Omer

Hi kids, it's Mrs Halter again to remind you tonight and tomorrow will be Lag B'Omer.For you older children, a little history of why we celebrate it. You may remember the story from previous years, of a great Rabbi called Rabbi Akita, he was one of the greatest Torah teachers of our time. His students were punished because they did not behave with respect towards each other, they valued their own opinions more than their friendship with others. They were struck by an illness and passed away during the Omer period. The plague stopped on Lag B'Omer and as I previously said we celebrate by going on outing, having barbecues and making bonfires. Maybe you could you write a letter to a family member or friend to cheer them up and say how much you are missing them.
I have also added a couple of cooking ideas for you to have a go at for Lag B'Omer.

Bird Art
Good Morning Year Three


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Thursday, 05 August 2021