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King David PTA AGM minutes

16 October 2020 - Held online via Zoom

Present: 14 Participants including Mr. Langford, PTA Committee members and KD parents

1) Matters arising from previous minutes

Nothing going forward. The wall mural is an ongoing project. The PTA Committee acknowledged that the AGM is usually held in April but this was not possible due to Covid. An extension for the submission of accounts was obtained from the Charities Commission by Kate.

2) Chairperson's report for the year 2018-2019

A brief overview from Anna where some of the completed projects were mentioned: A very successful and enjoyable Summer fair, purchase of new picnic benches for the playground and a shed for storage of PTA equipment, completion of the playground markings and willow dome projects. Please refer to attached document for detailed report.

3) Treasurer's report by Kate Panagamuwa

Kate presented the accounts for the financial year 1 August 2018-31 July 2019. These were independently audited by Mr. Posaner, who kindly volunteered his time to do so. The accounts were seen and approved by the audience, by show of hands. Further detail from Kate about the current financial position:

Approximately £3000 was spent on the playground markings.

Current balance is approximately £2500 but a cheque for £700 was issued to school for the Oxford Tree Reading Scheme, leaving a balance of £1700. Our annual subscription to Parent Kind costs £110.

Mr. Langford mentioned a delay in the production of the reading scheme, but School will hold the cheque as it will be spent on an alternate Reading Scheme.

Please refer to attached Financial report for the year 2018-2019

4) Nominations and appointments

All positions on the PTA Committee were open to nominations. As no new volunteers came forward, the current Committee Members mentioned a willingness to continue in the current roles. Appointments were made as follows:

Chairperson: Anna De Santis (Nominated by Kate Panagamuwa, seconded by Runeela Aziz)

Vice-Chair: Runeela Aziz (Nominated by Anna De Santis, seconded by Mr. Langford)

Treasurer: Kate Panagamuwa (Nominated by Anna De Santis, seconded by Runeela Aziz)

Secretary: Saarah Parker (Nominated by Anna de Santis, seconded by Isik Hasan)

5) Future plans and ideas

Normal income streams like the Summer Fair have temporarily ceased due to Covid.

Some ideas mentioned for virtual fundraising ideas:

  • 1) Virtual Quiz
  • 2) Virtual entertainer/magician on Zoom, parents to purchase tickets
  • 3) Pyjama evening/story time
  • 4) Group activity e.g. porcelain names printed
  • 5) Comedy/jokes evening

Liaise with Rachael Jacobs/Mrs. Halter's daughter for more info on the above suggestions.

Mr. Langford mentioned to check legalities of copyright e.g. movie nights

Possibility of getting Henry the Egg author Lee Benson involved?

Simone has a contact with Barclays for matched funding valued at £1000 if we can raise £1000.

Mr. Langford mentioned past fundraising initiatives included a printed tea towel, greeting cards, calendars.

Mr. Langford highlighted that the PTA also serves an important role in bringing the school community together, encouraged us to explore ways of continuing this online during Covid.

Fatima suggested continuing Stay and Play virtually.

ACTION: PTA Committee to meet to discuss

  • 1) Further plans for the wall mural
  • 2) Virtual fundraising ideas
  • 3) Liaising with Simone regarding Barclays matched funding.
  • 4) Hosting a regular virtual coffee morning as an opportunity for parents to socialize.
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