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 Hello Year 2,

This week you have all been working really hard. In English, you have written some GREAT job descriptions for a pirate. Granny can't wait to find the perfect pirate using your job description. Next week, you will be writing your own pirate story?

In Maths, we have continued to work on partitioning numbers into tens and ones. I'm thinking of a number? It has four ones? Is it an odd or even number? Explain your answer.

This weekend is a very special weekend as you will be celebrating Rosh Hashanah. You will not be set any homework apart from spellings.


Roll and Spell- Roll a dice and follow each instruction. E.g. if you roll a three, write the word with your eyes closed.

1- Write the word with your other hand.

2- Write the words as fast as you can.

3-Write the word with your eyes closed.

4-Write the word in fancy writing.

5-Write the word in all CAPITALS.

6-Write the word using tiny letters.

Group 1

say, may, pay, hay, day, ray, to, do, is, his

Group 2 (Scruffy Ted)

playing, paying, prayed, today, sprayed, yesterday, once, one, there, where

Have a GREAT weekend!

Miss Hussain


Newsletter #3: Thursday 17th September 2020
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